Blockchain Snapshots

Emre NOP |
1 min readJan 1, 2022


I’m not planning to share daily snapshots here. Actually I don’t have enough resource for this. But I’m getting snapshots to keep my nodes healthy and to use them in case of corruption on db or starting new node quickly. My plan is to share snapshots at least every 2 weeks.

Avalanche Snapshots (for v1.4.5 Pruned) 27 Jan 2022

Naming std of file= avalanche-data-datetime

Stargaze Snapshots (Pruned) 29 Dec 2021

Naming std of file= stargaze-data-datetime-blockheight

Agoric Snapshots (Pruned) 14 Jan 2022–3316716.torrent

Naming std of file= agoric-data-datetime-blockheight

Downloading snapshots directly to your node

  • First install aria2

~# apt install aria2

  • Upload torrent file to your VPS
  • Download snapshot with below command

~# aria2c <torrentfile>